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Why Use An Attorney To Create A Special Needs Trust?

The rules for qualifying for public assistance benefits are very complicated. The special needs trust would not be effective to serve the purpose it was intended to if the rules were violated in any manner. This is one reason, it is imperative to retain the services of an attorney extensively experienced in trusts and estate planning, who knows those rules.

Do Most Estate Planning Attorneys Understand Special Needs Trusts?

Many estate planning attorneys understand special needs trusts and work with families that need them. However, just as many do not but will still agree to do the planning for the family because they do not want to lose revenue-producing business.

What Questions Should Someone Ask When Looking For An Estate Planning Attorney?

When looking for an estate planning attorney, a person should ask how long that attorney has been practicing law in this area of the law and how often they have drafted special needs trusts.

Do You Work With Families With Special Needs Children When Creating Their Estate Plan?

We work with families that have a variety of needs. Many families in this day and age have children with special needs, whether they have Down’s syndrome, something on the autism spectrum, cerebral palsy, or the like. Since we do planning for families with special needs children, we need to be up to speed on how to effectively do this type of planning for the people we serve.

Do Most People Set Up The Special Needs Trust When Setting Up Their Estate Plan?

If clients have special needs children at the time they are doing their estate planning, in our firm, we always address setting up a special needs trust at that time.

How Often Do You Handle Creating Special Needs Trusts For Your Clients?

We do these on a regular basis for clients who do have special needs children.

What Makes You Particularly Suited In Establishing And Creating These Trusts?

Estate planning is what we do. We do it all day, every day. Because of that we are experienced, we understand the rules and when we put an estate plan together; it works.

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